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Elsker Elghund

A Northern Attraction

12/1/09 04:49 pm - feather_armor - Snow Day


Self-portrait with my ten-year-old Elkie, Freya, during our first big snow of the year (Colorado)

8/25/09 03:58 pm - serneera - Website

Hey just to let people know i finanaly got a website up for my breeding kennels


7/8/09 09:05 pm - grandcentralxxx - Gunnar

On a whim I searched Norwegian Elkhound on lj. To my surprise, here you are!
I'm American born, but my father is from Toyen in Norway (it is just outside of Oslo).
Anyways, when it was time to look into getting a first dog for my husband and I, we looked to my roots. His name is Gunnar. He is now 13 weeks, and doing so well in training!

first photo

a few more photos! Read more...Collapse )

4/9/09 04:27 pm - serneera - Australian Grand Champion

My baby boy finally got his Australian Grand Champion


2/11/09 10:47 am - feather_armor - Westminster

Here is a link to the Elkhound judging at Westminster.

Don't you just love those jaunty trots and those big Elkie smiles?

11/12/08 09:15 pm - eternal_synn

In Memory of Middisted Winter's Gem (aka, Baby, Boo, Furface, and many others).
January 1993 - November 2008
You'll be missed, Boo!

6/12/06 07:09 pm - feather_armor - Elkhound Love

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

6/11/06 08:07 pm - feather_armor

I took my girls to Cherry Creek to play today. Lasya, for one, had a blast, and Freya, who is scared of water, was very brave.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

OMG Freya got her feet wet!!! (This was monumental)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

(Not an Elkhound, but still beautiful)

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6/2/06 03:59 pm - feather_armor

Hello fellow Elkhound fanatics!

I've changed my username since founding this community, and gone through some other major changes in my life as well. I'm back to renting, so I am no longer in a position to foster.

When I turned the page on my Elkhound calendar this morning, the June dog looks a lot like my foster boy, Bjorn. I miss him, but three big dogs was a handful.

Poor Freya gets so hot in these summer temperatures. She is also in desperate need of a bath, but she's afraid of water. Does anyone have any tips on working through that?

I promise a new picture in the next post when I'm at my home computer.

4/4/06 10:21 pm - beatnick - some newbie pictures

Hi everyboy, I just wanted to share a couple of pictures since I'm not only new here, but new to elkhounds in general. After a ton of research I decided on an elkhound puppy this past December and instantly fell in love. They really are a wonderful breed.

puppyCollapse )
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