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Elsker Elghund

A Northern Attraction

2/3/06 06:20 am - littlehounddog - Keeshond in Upstate NY needs home!

This adorable 2 year old neutered male Keeshound, Shadow, needs a new home. His owner doesn't have enough time for him anymore. If interested or you'd like more information, please contact Adam at 518-774-9762.


1/4/06 10:35 pm - chix - New Doggie!

Here are some pics of the rescue-mission doggie. Story to follow soon! Can you help me think of a name for her? She's an Elkhound.

12/21/05 12:33 pm - feather_armor - Bjorn Update

After two and a half months, my foster hound has found a home. She just happens to live down by my folks in southwestern Colorado so I'm able to deliver him on Friday. Having two elkhounds and my chow mix in my Subaru Outback by myself should be an adventure indeed.

Betty (Bjorn's new mom) emailed me directions to her house and wrote that she can hardly wait for me to get there. She is preparing her laundry room for him to stay in when she's not home and asking me what she needs to get for him. I suggested lots and lots of toys. I hope that he will not be too lonely as an only dog.

I think that delivering B Boy to his new home is going to be the highlight of the season. I'm going to get a Santa hat or a big red bow to put on him.

12/20/05 10:27 pm - chix - Quirky Doggie...

Maybe it's just me, but whenever I see or read about an Elkhound, it's always a picture or a story about an Elkie doing something completely goofy. When I first got Dakota, I didn't know much about the breed (we adopted her from the Michigan Humane Society), but the more I read about others, the more "ah-ha... no kidding" moments I experience. I'm just curious... does anyone else's Elkie:

1. Pout?

2. Sneak around, either because she has stolen something she's not supposed to have, or is somewhere she knows is off-limits?

3. Twirl around in circles if excited/anxious?

4. Throw things (a ball, stuffed animals) behind her back and up in the air?

5. Hide during thunderstorms? Dakota is more afraid of them than any other dog I've ever known. She also hates rain, period. I have to practically trick her into going outside to potty when it's even drizzling. It's really sad, actually, because during thunderstorms, she'll hide (usually in the bathroom) and turn her head to one side, often looking down at the floor or at a wall. It's so heartbreaking - it's like there's nothing I can do to comfort her. :(

6. Talk back? Sort of yip-yapping, different than her usual bark... and I SWEAR she is grinning.

7. Act completely stubborn?

8. Make a SUPER funny face before she sneezes? Dakota scrunches up one side of her face (crinkles her eye and lifts her upper lip on that side way up and back). It is HILARIOUS. I really wish I could get it on camera!

9. Sleep with her tail uncurled (sometimes with her legs sticking straight out)?

10. Sort of "drum" her front paws on the ground when she's excited? This is also hilarious. It really looks like she's playing the drums - she picks up her paws alternately and slaps them onto the ground rapidly.

I swear, I could sit and watch her all day and just smile and laugh and think about what a great dog I've got! Elkhounds seem like such a wonderfully unique breed, I was just wondering if anyone else has seen any of the above things with their Elkie... if you have, or if your Elkie does other silly things... I would love to know! 

Dakota is pouting here... she HATES the camera, especially the flash. I forgot to add this little quirk to the above list.


Smelling the flowers.


Pretty park! 


Just chillin'.

12/6/05 10:54 am - feather_armor - Bjorn Update

We've now had our foster boy for 2 months and he's become a part of the family. I seriously considered keeping him, but that would not allow me to take more fosters in the future at we would be at maximum capacity.

It looks like he may have a home for the holidays, as I just got the following email from the rescue coordinator:

Hi Lara,

Yes, I think it may work out. The woman’s name is Betty (sorry, I can’t recall her last name right now, though I have it written down at home; maybe Fitzpatrick? It’s something very Irish) and I spoke to her last night. She should be giving you a call today or tomorrow, and her daughter, who lives in the Denver area, will come and meet Bjorn. Her daughter has two elkhounds of her own and is driving to Durango at Christmas to visit her mother. And she apparently will be happy to take Bjorn with her if she feels he would be a good match for her mother. Betty has had elkhounds in the past, loves the breed, and very much wants another one. She saw Bjorn’s photos on the website and said that he looks very much like her last elkhound. She’s really ready to adopt now, since she said it’s the first time since childhood that she hasn’t had a pet living with her. She sounds like a very sweet and caring person.

So, let’s hope! For the sake of everyone concerned, I hope that Bjorn is in a new home for the holidays!

Please let me know your feelings after you’ve spoken with her. Also, if she decides to adopt Bjorn, she will pay a rescue fee of $125. Would you like that money to cover the costs that you have had with him?



I think it's a very nice gesture to offer the rescue fee to us. I had some misgivings about working with her again, but it's been a wonderful experience for everyone, over all. Freya, especially, has become a different dog - less needy and not such a freak about other dogs.

I love happy endings.

11/10/05 09:59 pm - ___morgenstern

I love my elkhound <3

10/16/05 05:41 pm - ___morgenstern

This is my elkhound.^_____^
Name: Kille
Born: 13.5.2001

More pictures ^_____^Collapse )

10/13/05 09:46 am - feather_armor

HereCollapse ) are our foster dog Bjorn's mug shots from the Cheyenne shelter.

He has been quite a handful so far, and seems to have a taste for electronics. Yesterday he ate our brand new laser mouse. Still, all naughtiness is trumped by the sight of he and Freya playing together. Two elkhounds really are better than one!

10/2/05 08:03 am - feather_armor - The More the Merrier

Bjorn (because neither Olav nor Cheyenne fit him and he doesn't answer to either anyway) is a delight. Dogs, their mere presence, make me infinitely happy, and the sight of the three of them laying in the den with us - the pack of them - distracted me from all else. A closed circle. Yes, I'm in love already, and can already feel the bittersweet goodbye when he goes to his forever home. It isn't even so much him as I've been keeping my distance, just letting the three of them interact and get to know one another, as the dynamic between he and the girls. They both adore him, and you can almost see them vying for his attention when they play. I'm getting ahead of myself.

We picked him up yesterday around 4pm. Linda made tea for us and we spent about an hour visiting with her. Bjorn was visibly worried as we were leaving - being uprooted again - it's hard to imagine what these dogs must be feeling going from shelter to shelter, home to home. He was quiet in the car, his brow furrowed. Once home I let the girls into the back yard and let them meet through the front gate. I knew right away that things were going well - all three tails wagged. Everyone sniffed noses and butts, and I decided to take him in the yard on his leash. I didn't want him to be overwhelmed so we put Freya inside. Lasya, in typical easygoing fashion, greeted him calmly and let him be. I let him off his leash, and let Freya out into the yard. It went more smoothly than I ever could have hoped. They ignored each other for a while, then started running around and having a play fest. Bjorn and Freya seemed to know they were kin. Two elkhounds playing has got to be one of the cutest sights I've ever seen. They move the same - bouncing around, body-slamming and butt-bumping. You can really see the moose-dodging agility in action. Bjorn does this hilarious half-somersault manuever accompanied by a low inquisitive howl/bark. He is completely submissive, cautious, and very respectful of the girls' space. He has a noble face with sweet laughing eyes, and is quite a bit bigger than Freya, though underweight. (Linda said he only weighed 38 lbs when he got here - average elkhound weight is 48-55) He has a very masculine look about him, and even seems to prefer David. I think he'd like to be a man's dog, and most definitely should have a doggie playmate. He is interested in Nina but leaves her alone, as most dogs do. "Though she be but little, she is fierce." Yeah, I'd totally keep this dog if...what was it again? Oh yeah, if three 50lb dogs, two people and a cat in a little house in the city were not a completely ridiculous notion.

9/30/05 10:58 am - feather_armor - Foster Update

We did not end up getting "Olav" as planned a few weeks ago as there were some complications. He arrived from Wyoming fully intact, although the shelter was supposed to neuter him before releasing him to the transporter. He also had a nasty respiratory infection (kennel cough). The rescue coordinator kept him while he recovered enough to be neutered, and just a few days after the operation he escaped from her yard. He was picked up by the humane society and had to be bailed out of jail. He is finally ready to come home with us, and we'll pick him up tomorrow afternoon.

Although he is 3 years old, the rescue coordinator tells me he exhibits some puppyish behavior and tends to get in trouble when he's left alone. We'll be either crating him or keeping him shut in one of our more sparsely furnished rooms when we're not home.

I'm optimistic about introducing him to my two girls, as I've recently discovered that Freya's "reactiveness" is limited to on-leash. She seems to be fine with other dogs in the yard or in the home. Lasya, my Chow mix, is a non-issue - she's extremely social and keeps her cool with every dog she meets.

We'll see how it goes and I'll update over the weekend!
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